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Esittäjä(t): Sex Pistols. Buzzcocks. Undertones, The. Skids, The. Damned, The. Ruts, The. Ramones. Members, The. Jam, The. Only Ones, The. Pop, Iggy. XTC. Stranglers, The. Dury, Ian. (Ian Dury and the Blockheads). Costello, Elvis. (Elvis Costello and the Attractions). Blondie. Robinson, Tom. (Tom Robinson Band). Dr. Feelgood. Boomtown Rats, The. Adam and the Ants. Siouxsie and the Banshees. X-Ray Spex. Bow Wow Wow. Public Image Ltd. Vicious, Sid. Adverts, The. Rezillos. Motors, The. Jilted John. Wire. Devo. Richman, Jonathan. (Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers). Tubes, The. Hell, Richard. (Richard Hell and the Voidoids). Television. Talking Heads. Pretenders, The. Jackson, Joe. Generation X. Magazine. Stiff Little Fingers. Killing Joke. Flying Lizards. Clarke, John Cooper.
Kappaleet: 1:01 - Anarchy in the UK
1:02 - Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've)
1:03 - Teenage kicks elokuvasta That summer (USA 1979)
1:04 - Into the valley
1:05 - New rose
1:06 - Babylon's burning elokuvasta Times Square (USA).
1:07 - Sheena is a punk rocker
1:08 - Sound of the suburbs, The
1:09 - All around the world
1:10 - Another girl, another planet elokuvasta That Summer (USA 1979).
1:11 - Passenger, The
1:12 - Making plans for Nigel
1:13 - Peaches
1:14 - Sex and drugs and rock n' roll
1:15 - (I don't want to go to) Chelsea
1:16 - Denise
1:17 - 2-4-6-8 motorway
1:18 - Milk and alcohol
1:19 - Looking after number one
1:20 - Deutscher girls
1:21 - Christine
1:22 - Identity
1:23 - C30, C60, C90 go
1:24 - Public image
1:25 - My way (= Comme d'habitude)
2:01 - God save the queen
2:02 - Neat neat neat
2:03 - Gary Gilmore's eyes
2:04 - Top of the pops
2:05 - Dancing the night away
2:06 - What do I get
2:07 - Jilted John
2:08 - I am the fly
2:09 - Mongoloid
2:10 - Roadrunner käytetty elokuvassa Mad magazine presents up the academy.
2:11 - White punks on dope
2:12 - Blank generation käytetty elokuvassa That Summer (USA 1979).
2:13 - Marquee moon
2:14 - Psycho killer
2:15 - Stop your sobbing
2:16 - Is she really going out with him?
2:17 - Ready steady go
2:18 - (Get a) grip (on yourself)
2:19 - Shot by both sides
2:20 - Alternative Ulster
2:21 - Eighties
2:22 - Money (that's what I want)
2:23 - Kung fu international
Kokonaiskesto:153 min 23 sec
Musiikkilaji: POP/ROCK
Kaupallinen tunnus:Virgin 7243 8401642 5
Huomautukset:Anarchy in The U.K. Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've). Teenage kicks. Into the valley. New rose. Babylon's burning. Sheena is a punk rocker. Sound of the suburbs, The. All around the world. Another girl, another planet. Passenger, The. Making plans for nigel. Peaches. Sex and drugs and rock and roll. (I don't want to go to) Chelsea. Denise. 2-4-6-8 motorway. Milk and alcohol. Lookin' after n:o 1. Deutscher girls. Christine. Identity. C30, C60, C90. Public image. My way. // God save the queen. Neat neat neat. Gary Gilmore's eyes. Top of the pops. Dancing the night away. What do I get. Jilted John. I am the fly. Mongoloid. Roadrunner. White punks on dope. Blank generation. Marquee Moon. Psycho killer. Stop your sobbing. Is she really going out with him. Ready steady go. (Get a) grip (on yourself). Shot by both sides. Alternative Ulster. Eighties. Money. Kung Fu international.
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